The fortified city of Yartar stands on the east bank of the Dessarin River. On the west bank is a walled citadel under the city’s control. Between them stretches a wide stone bridge. Travelers must move through the citadel and inspection before continuing west to Triboar or crossing the bridge to the city’s west gate. The Evermoor Way cuts through the heart of Yartar, connecting the city’s western and eastern gates. East of the city, the trade road becomes a gravel trail.

Yartar is prosperous and becoming increasingly crowded. Some of its old buildings have been torn down and taller ones built — four stories high in some cases.

Because the city is a major river port, Yartar’s elected leader is called a Waterbaron. The current Waterbaron is Nestra Ruthiol, a shrewd vindictive woman in her late fifties. Yartar is a member of The Lord’s Alliance, and Ruthiol considers that relationship vital to her city’s survival and prosperity. She knows The Harpers and the Zhentarim are well established in the city, but her path crosses with theirs only when the well-being of Yartarrans is threatened. Both factions have infiltrated the local thieves’ guild, the all-female Hand of Yartar.



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