Rivergard Keep

Another of the keeps built in centuries past by the Knights of the Silver Horn, this stout castle stands on the banks of the Dessarin River. It consists of a stone keep and gatehouse linked by a curtain wall to a river tower and dock.

The castle is currently occupied, and looks to be in a state of repair.

A taciturn mercenary named Jolliver Grimjaw and his band of sellswords occupy the keep. They are rebuilding the keep under the guise of protecting trade along the river. In fact they are the reason people need protection. Grimjaw robs merchants who do not pay into his protection racket and recruits monsters to raid river merchants as well as into a some cult.

There is one guard on the wall at any time. Short of a siege engine, it would impossible to break into the keep through a the doors that are barred, or breaking through a wall.


Rivergard Keep

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