Guide through the north


Nitasys was the first person the heroes met after being reassembled in the Realms. They hired her as a guide for their first job.

Since then, they have come to discover that she is a member of The Harpers, and belongs to a very active troupe in the Dessarin Valley that has an interest in the heroes success. The troupe favors form-fitting leathers, a rich brown so deep they are almost black, and dusky purple cloaks with deep cowls. The troop is led by an older man who goes by Fiddler.

Nitasys has a relevant story for almost every situation and location. She loves to travel to new places and get abreast of the latest rumors, gossip, and happenings. She believes whole heartedly that she is a custodian of the traditions and songs of the past, for all the cultures of the north. She toils tirelessly to be the best and most entertaining guide in the north, constantly measuring herself against her hated rival, Seberin Maltos. Although no one knows what it was, it is rumored she was involved in a treacherous scandal that makes it so that she can never return home.


66 Gold



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