Vandis Isle

The Ruin

Wherein the heroes travel to a far way place in order to put a dangerous spirit to rest.

Being lead by Risah Red the party traveled through the Forest of Hulls. Along the way the heroes caught up with Endryk Fenrith and Widow Hebner preventing them from going to the goblin conquered city of Galter’s Cove. During the reunion the heroes discovered that the Widow had nothing to do with the missing Guild Master’s key. However, since both the heroes and the Widow’s party both would be better off no longer on Vandis, they decided to join forces in order to try and find a way off the island. It was decided that the heroes and the Widow’s crew would help return the torc of Bhrenna and help restore peace to Four Beggar’s Bay, then catch the first possible ship back to the mainland.

Eventually the heroes travels within the Forest of Hulls lead them to a small glen with a narrow, still, crystalline pool. This pool was a doorway to a distant place, where they found the ruin they sought, now hundreds of feet above the ground in the branches of great trees.

Within the distant place, they met the hag known as The Asp and saw the emerald serpent Venomfang just as he had alighted from his ruined tower among the boughs. Risah Red , who was called The Lion in this place, was separated from the party, and the heroes were not able to connect back with him before needing to get back to their own land, and Four Beggar Bay.

Upon returning to Four Beggar Bay the heroes were told by Tolimus Haff that the commanders of the strange army helping to reclaim Four Beggar Bay from the gnoll occupation were missing. He encouraged the party to break up into small groups and do what they could to disrupt both the strange army, and the gnoll army, in hopes of weakening both while the commanders were away. Reeve Haff doesn’t know who the strange army is, but he doesn’t trust them, and he certainly doesn’t want them staying after they help him rid his town of the gnoll invaders.



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