Vandis Isle

"It never ends"

Wherein the heroes return to Faerun, and feel a little downtrodden.

Emerging from the portal into a crypt outside of Red Larch, they heroes returned to the Dessarin Valley a full 6 weeks from when they had first set out for the Sacred Stone Monastery. The heroes encountered Minnie and Bess within the ruins, eventually being attacked by a half-ogre and a couple of goblins who had red wraps that wove between their fingers and around their palms.

Finally, the heroes and their fifteen refugees arrived in sight of Red Larch however they were not warmly greeted. A very weary, and cautious, Harburk Turthmarillar denied the heroes and their charges entrance, instead offering to provide them with provisions. There was a tense moment wherein Monish Knight and the constable almost fought, but Rinn’s cooler head prevailed, and the monk was able to talk everyone down. Harburk invited Rinn to come back to town with him and gather supplies for the refugees. While in town, Rinn reconnected with Imdarr Revlaunder, who was more than a little displeased at the reception of the refugees by Harburk, and let it be known throughout town. Eventually the refugees were allowed entrance but the heroes were not.

While camping in the field, the heroes were reacquainted with Savra Belabranta and Nitasys. They filled the heroes in on the events The Feathergale Spire and Nitasys took off with Brundelthar in order to get him back to her Harper troupe. They heroes were also reunited with their giant vultures, now well trained by Beeboo Steadhand.

In addition, the heroes came across the acquaintance of Mangobarl Lorren, a baker by trade who is also serving part time in the militia during these dangerous times. Lorren said he knew some things, and some people, and could help the heroes provision in exchange for a favor at a later date. He also suggested to the heroes that by accomplishing the task of finding a missing wagon, Harburk would have to allow them entry.

The heroes located the wagon, defeated the bandits who had stolen it, and Panapapi Ticcotarp Copperspackle now has a pet bear.

Upon returning the wagon, the heroes were admitted to Red Larch, and Harburk offered his apologies. He offered to cover their lodging for the evening at the Swinging Sword Inn, where, despite Itiwiw Ghurkiog and Ioboplu Iigrestri trying to encourage him to check in with Nalaskur Thaelond in Bargewright Inn, Monish finally surrendered to a deep slumber.

290 exp each.
+2 renown with the People of Dessarin Valley for all characters.
Treasure: 2,300 cp, 8,000 sp, 2,360 gp, 120 pp. 5 art objects worth 25 gp each (silver ewer, carved bone statue, small golden bracelet, engraved bone dice, silver figurine (currently with Harburk). Spell scroll (4th level, Monish’s choosing), potion of invulnerability, potion of frost giant strength, hand crossbow bolts +2 (20)



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