Vandis Isle

Assault on Rivergard Keep

Wherein the heroes fought against the denizens of Rivergard Keep without ever leaving the room.

Monish Knight was eager to finalize his debts with the Zhentarim after their efforts to revive Mattahar by sacking Rivergard Keep. Based on the intel provided by his contact, Inglor Brathren Knight proposed an attack. The final plan was one of stealth and investigation, however the raid actually manifested as bloody stand against a full three quarters of the denizens within Rivergard Keep. After constant battle, the heroes were able to get a short reprieve.

The upper level of the south west watchtower now looked more like a carnal house. Spilled blood and viscera splattered the floor, creating a viscous and foul-smelling mud that the floor slick. The lower level was a heap of corpses, their dead eyes staring out from atop one another, as if watching the people on the floor above. The gatehouse had truly become a gruesome refuge where the heroes rested quietly, save Matthar, who knelt in the middle of the tower and quietly offered prayers to her Morning Lord.

A solid “thud” shattered the quiet, followed by another, as someone, or something, was trying to break down the door on the lower level. Simultaneously, both Knight and Rinn called out they had movement from either side as both witnessed what looked like commoners, under duress, being herded towards the upper northern and eastern doors, each with a maul or axe. The captives were being forced forward by three bugbears to the north, and three reavers that were being marshalled by a sour-faced man with a droopy moustache and an arrogant manner, to the east. Both parties of captors had hewn apart tables, serving as make shift tower shields. Keeping themselves hidden, and their captives in between them and the doors, the captors were forcing the commoners forward as they barked at them to, “Get those bloody doors down!”

Concurrently, a female voice, cracked and hoarse, began shouting praises and exonerations to something called “Olhydra” from the courtyard below. She speaks a relentless oratory about the “truth of deep waters” and “great revelations” to come.

Total Exp. Earned: 321 each.
Treasure: 150 sp, 40 gp, potion of healing (consumed?), potion of diminution.



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