Verse 16118

The whores and drunks could not see. Nor the venal guards, nor the frightened flesh which walked like men. Already Hollow. Minds so soft. Nothing to notice. Nothing for Them.

The others shone—pure Light. Rays of sun in the deepest cave. Sustenance for Them. The Light fought Plague. Scurrying. Crawling. Bite-by-bite the Light devoured Plague.

I followed. The Light bobbed upon the Dark waves.

One called the Dark home. But it did not truly know the Dark. Its mind. So bright. I touched it. I heard Their laughter as They tasted it.

I touched each Light in turn as I followed. Such sweet sustenance to offer Them.

Then sorcery, young and brash. No true understanding. Understand, the power is Their’s.

Sorcerous threads bound the servants to a false master. The Light dimmed as it succumbed to the jerking marionettes.

I remembered. I felt it warm within my chest. My life. I moved to the Light.

But They would not allow. The warmth died within my breast.

I watched as Light dimmed.

The cold embrace of the Starlight Beneath.

From the Dark, I watch.

Verse 16118

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