Vandis Isle

The entire island itself is roughly 5,500 square miles, and sits almost square in the middle of small collection of islands amidst the Sea of Spines known as the Conqueror’s Steps. The terrain is mainly mountainous, with the lowland areas being blanketed in verdant, primeval, forests. Vandis is sometimes referred to as the Isle of Ruins, or the Isle of Faces, as nearly all the structures on the island have been built atop ruins from a time before memory, and many of the ruins feature strange faces in relief. When stepping upon on the island one is overcome with the scent of fragrant trees, earthy ferns, and sea breeze.

Many nations have laid claim to Vandis Isle throughout its history, however it is in posturing alone. Vandis provides no military or economic advantage, and his almost impossible to land any kind of invading force upon, do to the rock formations that make of the Sea of Spines. For the most part Vandis has been left to rule itself under the Sarter family for the last five generations.

As for me, I was most overcome with the lack diversity upon the island, as nearly everyone encountered on the island who identified as “native” was human. That is not say that there were not other peoples, but all of them were obviously visitors.

-From A Study of the Sea of Spines, Its People and Places, by Giapac Fic, Bard and Adventurer.

Vandis Isle

Vandis Isle Mars