Four Beggars Bay

Four Beggars Bay is one of the two main coastal villages, and one of three major population centers on Vandis Isle (The others being Galter’s Cove on the opposite coast, and the Village of Hursthold, which has sprung up around Hoice’s Redoubt, Baron Sarter’s fortress and seat of power on the island.) Because the waters tend be slightly calmer on the side of the island where Four Beggars Bay is located, known as beggar-side, Four Beggars Bay is the central trading village for most of the Vandis. Other than trade, the primary form of commerce for the bay is fishing. Four Beggars Bay is most well known for the features in the bay of which it got its name. Jutting up from the waters are four jagged rock formations, like the multitude of others that litter the dangerous waters of the Sea of Spines, that make docking large ships within the bay impossible. These formations in particular invoke an image of four pairs of skeletal hands jutting forth from the sea, as if cupped, like those of a beggar.

Although the largest population center on Vandis, Four Beggars Bay is relatively small compared to the cities of the mainland, perhaps only having three hundred residents, and half that number in visitors at any given time. It boasts a fairly diverse open air market near the docks. In addition there is a rather grandiose temple to The Exhlated that features prominently as one enters the bay, built high upon the foundation of an ancient keep that once stood sentinel in a time before the residents can remember.

Baron Sarter’s will is carried out by an appointed Reeve within Four Beggars Bay, and the Reeve commands a small militia that serves as law enforcement and a first line of defense in the unlikely event of an attack.

-From A Study of the Sea of Spines, Its People and Places, by Giapac Fic, Bard and Adventurer.

Four Beggars Bay

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