Tag: Vandis


  • Mattahar

    Matthar, as she is known, awoke as the heroes did two years ago, only with no memory what so ever. She barely survived in the filthy alleys of the Zhentarim slums around the Bargewright Inn. Within a few days she had contacted filth fever, and lay dying …

  • Tolimus Haff

    Rescued from a nightmarish encounter with a creature that possessed his son, in which he was forced to watch his wife and servants be butchered by what was once his only child. He was tasked with keeping the Talisman safe, however he does not seen …

  • Bly Levin

    Former adventurer. Husband of the spirit Brehenna while she was alive. Fought with Hebner and the militia during the gnoll siege of Four Beggar Bay.

  • Risah Red

    Risah is fair hand with the rapier and he knows it. His demeanor in combat becomes a little brash, goading his opponents and intentionally making his skill "look easy". "You 'member that lot of orcs that landed after the late thaw?" "Aye, tis shame …