Vandis Isle

Wherein the heroes discover the master mind behind the killings and come under siege.

Following up on a lead on the location of Fenrith the heroes set out in the city to find the remaining member of Hebner’s crew. In transit they discovered that some of the guards of Four Beggar Bay had been poisoned and alerted the lieutenant on duty.

After surviving an ambush, the heroes arrived at a villa where Fenrith was last seen. There they found the porter of the Gull’s Eye, actually a magician of no small power, waiting for them. A battle ensued resulting in a mysterious swordswoman killing the porter. She fled as alarms sounded throughout Four Beggar Bay, and was clearly annoyed. Within the villa the heroes discovered Fenrith. He filled them in on his abduction by the porter ,as well as his involvement with Treyvick. In addition, within the house the heroes discovered correspondences and documentation that points to the Reeve’s own son as the one behind the invasion. They have found a map of Four Beggar Bay with demarcated areas, presumably integral to the success of the invasion.

The heroes, weary from travel and investigation, have decided to rest in the villa for a time before endeavoring out into the chaos of the city. And if they can, helping to establish the Reeve’s estate as safe place within a city under siege.

Woman Hunt
Wherein the adventurers travel to the Isle of Vandis to find the Widow Habner

Under the employ of Ethiny, scribe to Guildmaster Verst, the adventurers have traveled to the Isle of Vandis seeking the Widow Habner. The Widow, along with a newly assembled team of out laws, has been blamed for the theft of valuable key that the Guildmaster must have returned before a gala event in two month’s time.

The adventurers were transported to the Isle of Vandis by a Halfling sailor called Sess the Blackling. Upon arrival they checked in to the Gull’s Eye, the only inn and tavern in Four Beggars Bay.

Through investigation the adventurers became of aware of a few recent deaths that proved to be suspect. These deaths included Devera the Quick, Gobthud, and Dreyvick the Thrifty. Dreyvick’s family hired the adventurers to find their brother, and are now unconvinced of the report that he was killed while fleeing the watch, as the Oseros family, of which Dreyvick was a member, is extremely well connected with the Baron of Vandis.

After a shadowy encounter with the Widow, the adventurers struck a deal with her. If they can locate her last crew member, Fenrith, who vanished that very evening from the Gull’s Eye, as well as discover who is targeting her and her crew, the widow will tell the adventurers about the key. The Widow has given them twenty four hours, as after that time she will be aboard a ship leaving Four Beggars Bay, and Vandis Isle.

Total Session Exp: 300 each. Gratz lvl 2!

It begins

“Ungodly place, awful, and unrefined,” Lord Fergil Verst was saying as his plump greasy fingers pawed through a gleaming silver platter, looking something like scale covered renditions of the stuffed eels he sought. “It is no wonder Hebner and her band of miscreants fled there after pilfering my vault. Four Beggars Bay,” the prominent holes that were the dragonkin’s nostrils flared in disgust as a jiggling shiver made its way through the meaty paunch that was his body. “Who would name such place something so…gauche?” You did not miss the lord’s porcine eyes as they glanced about his current company, self included, before landing on his last word.

Truly, the people gathered around Lord Verst’s table were not what one would expect at the dinner of a Master Guildsmen, let alone a master of a guild as distinguished as the Guild of Discovery, Restoration, and Preservation of the Ancient. Such a gathering of mercenaries, adventurers, and perhaps shadier professions, was more akin to something you might see in a dockside bar. Whatever Hebner had taken from the guild, it must have been important, because the social repercussions of such event would cause Lord Verst no small amount of consternation in saving face among the Del Vhirum elite.

“Well,” Lord Verst was saying with a grunt, heaving his girth against his stone chair in an attempt to scoot it free of the table. “Please eat and drink as my guests. For those that wish for employment as it pertains to this venture, please feel free to present your name and credentials to my clerk.” With a huff, or seven, and a clatter of jewelry the dragonkin lord exited his exquisite dining hall, eager to be out of such lurid company.

Lord Fergil Verst, Guildmaster of the Guild of Discovery, Restoration, and Preservation of the Ancient has had the Guildmaster’s copy of an important vault key stolen from his coastal estate in Del Vhirum. The thief is the notorious burglar known simply as Widow Hebner, although she was very likely assisted by a large crew to pull off such a heist. All the information Lord Verst has is that she was last seen booking passage to Four Beggar Bay, a small fortress-town on the island of Vandis. The Guildmaster has a vested interest in it not becoming common knowledge that his key was stolen, and he needs the key in two months time to open the vault will for the yearly audit. He has put out word among adventuring circles that he has job that will pay well and invited any interested to attend a dinner hosted at his estate. Applicants will need to present their credentials to his clerk, Ethiny, and if they are found worthy, they will be offered the job. Those that are employed will be informed that this is not a guild sanctioned job, and discretion will be tantamount in the recovery effort. Because of this, the group needed will need to small and ideally, unobtrusive.

This will be a DND 5th Edition game structured somewhat similar to Kingmaker. There will be different set areas of Vandis that must be explored or interacted with in order to recover the key, however a set order is not necessary. What is more, since the party should intentionally be small, the game is set to always run at the scheduled time, so long as at least one player arrives. The game will be done via Skype or Hangout.

If you are interested please send me your character name, class, background, Personality traits x2, Ideal, Bond, and Flaw as outlined in the Player’s Handbook 124 -143ish. Also the backgrounds are kind of cooly generic across class, so I would encourage you to perhaps grab a background that might be different. A fighter with the Sage background, or a rogue with the Acolyte background, as examples could make for some cool and interesting roleplaying. As a final note, for determining ability scores, please use the standard scores found on page 13 of the Player’s Handbook (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 before modifiers I believe).


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