Vandis Isle

Vengence at Lance Rock and Feathergale Spire
Wherein the heroes bring topple the Lord of Lance Rock and rescue a friend.

Panapapi Ticcotarp Copperspackle returned to Red Larch where he told Monish Knight and Rinn what had happened at Lance Rock. The heroes saddened by the loss of their friend, and angry at the necromancer, returned to Lance Rock to vanquish Oreioth and reclaim Mattahar’s body from undeath.

Mattahar’s body is now with Imdarr Revlaunder at the Allfaith’s Shrine in Red Larch. The priest has agreed to look after her body for a tenday as a favor for Ryn and as a show of support for The Order; after which time he will give her proper funerary rights if the heroes have not found a way to call Mattahar back from the dead.

Spurred on by Knight’s need for vengeance the heroes returned to The Feathergale Spire to exact revenge for the Feathergale Society for their attempt on the heroes’ lives, as well as hoping to please the Zhentarim and earn a favor from them. A favor Knight intends to call in as soon as he can to have Mattahar’s life restored.

The heroes traversed the Sighing Valley and ascended the four hundred foot climb to the base of The Spire. As they were breaking into the stables they were spotted by knights astride giant vultures. Within the basement the heroes were reunited with Nitasys who was being held captive to be offered as a sacrifice. The heroes are now holed up in the basement of the spire with thoughts of vengeance to fuel what will almost certainly be a bloody ascent to the pinnacle, where Thurl Merosska awaits.

Total exp each: 332
Treasure: 165 sp, 78 gp
4x polished jet (50 gp each)
driftglobe (Panapapi Ticcotarp Copperspackle)
wand of magic missile (Panapapi Ticcotarp Copperspackle)
talisman of the sphere

Papi, Matty, and The Lord of Lance Rock
Wherein Papapanni and Mattahar get in over their head and horror follows.

Panapapi Ticcotarp Copperspackle, while in Red Larch, discovered rumors of a necromancer that had styled himself the Lord of Lance Rock. Papapani came to realize that this figure was actually a catalyst for many of the troubles the Dessarin Valley had been experiencing. With Widow Hebner – Deceased at his side, the gnome set out to discover what was going on at Lance Rock, and perhaps avert any further disaster by the strange powers at work within the valley.

The investigation started out well. The duo arrived at Lance Rock and cavalierly made their way through the unliving denizens tasked with guarding the cave. However, good fortune diminished quickly. Papapani and Mattahar stood against the full might of the necromancer, Orieth and his minions. Despite their most gallant attempts, including Mattahar standing up from near death by will and faith alone, twice, she eventually fell beneath an undead onslaught. What is more, the Lord of Lance Rock animated Mattahar’s corpse, forcing her to serve him in unlife for tortured eternity.

Papapani, saddened by the events and overwhelmed by the forces of Oreioth, was forced to withdraw. He has rode for Red larch in hopes of uniting with his companions.

Total Exp: 270

Ambush and Innkeeping
Wherein the heroes are betrayed, and do a favor for the Black Network.

Under the guise of speeding them to their next location, the Feathergale Society knights threw the heroes from their aerial mounts as the characters were experiencing a sensation from another place that left them vulnerable. After being pitched to the ground near the Zhentarim contact, Widow Hebner the heroes were ambushed by reavers, led by some kind of advocate for a power called Olhydra.

After defeating the ambush, the heroes served as temporary inn keepers at the Bargewright Inn as a favor for the Zhentarim. Early in their tenure as inn keepers, they thwarted a power play by a Zhent to discredit the current heads of the Black Network in Bargewright Inn, Chalaska and Nalaskur.. The heroes decided to not report the chicanery, instead purposing the perpetrator, Inglor Brathren to gather some information for them in return for their silence.

The heroes decided to purchase horses in Bargewright, before riding to Red Larch to meet with Monish Knight‘s contact, a Waterdahvian weapons merchant interested in Rinn’s staff, and get Grendo’s report. Knight’s conact was able to determine that Yan-C-Bin, Prince of Evil Air and Olhydra, Princess of Evil Water are some kind of cult figures from some pretty discreet folk lore from centerius ago. Inglor’s discoveries can be found in the wiki entry, Sacred Stone Monastery. From there they plan to assault The Feathergale Spire and discover what became of their friend Nitasys as well as get a little revenge.

Total EXP per player: 287
Total treasure less expenses (Mattahar’s cut, bribe’s, and new horses/dog):
4,800 cp Zhent chest
2,175 sp Zhent chest
138 gp Zhent chest, Reavers
9 transparent pale blue-green zircons, 50 gp each, Zhent chest
6 carved bone statues depicting Sune, Mystara, Bane, Bhaal, Kelemvor, and Cyric,25 gp each, Zhent chest
robe of useful items: all of these items are represented as patches on the robe. This particular robe is a livid red and trimmed in black tribal flame designs, with all the patches deceptively on the inside of either breast of the robe. When you remove a patch you create the items. 2x (dagger, bullseye lantern, steel mirrior, 10 foot pole, hempen rope, and sack), ladder x3, bag of 100 gp, 4 potions of healing , scroll ( glyph of warding ), portable ram, silver coffer, iron door, 10 gems worth 100 gp each. a riding horse with saddle bags. Zhent chest
oil of slipperiness. Zhent chest
Renown All players gain +1 renown with Zhentarim. Monish gains an additional +1 with the Zhentarim
Other changes Characters have another riding horse (mastiff in Papapani’s case), saddle, bit and bridle.
Rinn has exchanged staff of defense for shortsword +1, vicious. This weapon deals an additional 7 points of damage piercing when you roll a “20” on an attack roll.

Feasting at Feathergale Spire
Wherein the hereos hunt among misty night skies.

After heading south from Beliard, the heroes were attacked by riders atop giant vultures. The heroes prevailed, and found a map to Feathergale Spire among the dead rider’s belongings.

Further south, the heroes investigated a dell being encircled by carrion birds. Within the dell they discovered the bodies of MIrabaran guards who were serving as escorts for the missing delegation. Nitasys was able to follow the trail of a group of at least thirty bugbears that attacked the delegation to the Dessarin River, where it looks like the attackers fled by boat.

Heading south along the river, and surviving a midnight ambush by orcs, the heroes discovered the Vale of Dancing Waters where the were warmly welcomed by a small band of dwarven priests who were headed into the veil. The characters spoke with the dwarves outside the veil, and returned the effects of the slain dwarven delegation guards. The priests thanked them and told them they could call on the veil in the future. Further south they found Rivergard Keep, where they were not so warmly welcomed.

Finally they traveled to The Feathergale Spire, unsure of what to expect. They were granted a warm welcome by Savra Belabranta, the “missing” Waterdahvian woman Panapapi Ticcotarp Copperspackle had been searching for. Upon entering the spire they received an invitation to the Feathergale Society’s tenth anniversary feast. Hospitality and drink were in abundance, and the heroes impressed Thurl Merosska, head of the society, when they proved their merit upon the backs of hippogriffs. Making short work of a manticore, the heroes proved the aerial combat merit during a society hunt. After the hunt, a somewhat tipsy Savra confided in Papapani that the society has a secret mission to master elemental air in order to defeat the enemies of Waterdeep. She has volunteered that she will speak to Thurl on Papapani’s behalf regarding enlistment into the society. Thurl also told the heroes that anything malicious befell the delegation, it was likely the work of the monks within the Sacred Stone Monastery.

That evening, as the celebration concluded, Monish Knight returned to his room to find a missive from the Zhents “requesting” his presence at the Bargewright Inn. Knight told the heroes of his current arrangement with the black network, and they agreed to accompany him while he sees what they Zhents want. Further extending their hospitality, the society has agreed to fly the heroes close to the inn first thing in the morning.

Exp earned per character: 362
Total treasure (Less Nitasys): 12 cp, 9 sp, 14 ep
Renown gained: Rinn +1 Order of the Guantlet, Panapapi +1 Lords’ Alliance.

The Sword Coast
Wherein the hereos are transplanted to another place.

The heroes found themselves in the land of Faerun with no real recollection of their lives before. For two long years they made they own way, each relying on skill sets they possessed, though not knowing how they possessed them. Although they have lived these past two years in different areas, some power has brought them together in the city of Red Larch. Each traveled there for different reasons, all pursuing the same delegation that has gone missing.

Upon reuniting, of a sort, within Red Larch, the heroes set out to village of Beliard, where a drunken half-orcish caravan guard said she last saw the delegation when she brawled with the guards. Utilizing the services of the guide, Nitasys they successfully navigated the Larch path through the Sumber Hills. While making their way through the wind swept badlands, sparsely covered in dry grass, with barren rock faces and steep escarpments, they cam across an ogre lying in ambush at the crossroads of the Larch Path and Path of Dancing Waters. The heroes fought as one, felling the great brute and ensuring the continued safety of the path. Later still along their trek they were awoken by their guide to the sounds of four war-like bugbears, making their along the Stone Trail likely to ambush some innocent traveler. Once again the heroes fought, and once again they were victorious. The heroes commitment to keeping the trails around the Sumber Hills safe has won the respect of their new guide, and she has said as much to them.

After four days on horse back the heroes arrived in the village of Beliard. There they discovered among the patrons of the Watchful Knight, an inn so named for the Helmed Horror that once stood inoperable in the common room, but mysteriously vanished years ago, that the delegation they sought was headed to Summit Hall. They were transporting the body of a night who had fallen in the north, that was to be honorably interred within the hall. They also heard from Senya, the serving girl at the inn, that a monk who wore a golden mask watched the delegation closely while they were staying at the inn. And lastly Eann, a cattle drover said he met the delegation a on the Desarin Road, about ten miles south of town. Later that day he saw a group of knights in blue armor, with white feathered cloaks, astride giant vultures fly off in the direction of the delegation. When Monish Knight inquired about the knights, Halrud Ponden, chief lawkeeper and town master told him the knights are from Featherdale Spire near Red Larch. Featherdale Spire is a location of interest to Panapapi Ticcotarp Copperspackle as he is currently looking for a missing Waterdahvian noble woman who is said to within.

Pursuant to their goal of figuring out what happened to the missing delegation, the heroes have decided to spend the night within the Watchful Knight before heading south to Summit Hall in hopes of discovering where they are, or what happened to, the missing delegation.

Experience Earned: 425 per player
Treasure Earned (after Nitasys has taken her cut): 24 cp, 9 sp, 7 gp, 6 ep.

The Ruin
Wherein the heroes travel to a far way place in order to put a dangerous spirit to rest.

Being lead by Risah Red the party traveled through the Forest of Hulls. Along the way the heroes caught up with Endryk Fenrith and Widow Hebner preventing them from going to the goblin conquered city of Galter’s Cove. During the reunion the heroes discovered that the Widow had nothing to do with the missing Guild Master’s key. However, since both the heroes and the Widow’s party both would be better off no longer on Vandis, they decided to join forces in order to try and find a way off the island. It was decided that the heroes and the Widow’s crew would help return the torc of Bhrenna and help restore peace to Four Beggar’s Bay, then catch the first possible ship back to the mainland.

Eventually the heroes travels within the Forest of Hulls lead them to a small glen with a narrow, still, crystalline pool. This pool was a doorway to a distant place, where they found the ruin they sought, now hundreds of feet above the ground in the branches of great trees.

Within the distant place, they met the hag known as The Asp and saw the emerald serpent Venomfang just as he had alighted from his ruined tower among the boughs. Risah Red , who was called The Lion in this place, was separated from the party, and the heroes were not able to connect back with him before needing to get back to their own land, and Four Beggar Bay.

Upon returning to Four Beggar Bay the heroes were told by Tolimus Haff that the commanders of the strange army helping to reclaim Four Beggar Bay from the gnoll occupation were missing. He encouraged the party to break up into small groups and do what they could to disrupt both the strange army, and the gnoll army, in hopes of weakening both while the commanders were away. Reeve Haff doesn’t know who the strange army is, but he doesn’t trust them, and he certainly doesn’t want them staying after they help him rid his town of the gnoll invaders.

The North Gate Guard House
Wherein the heroes break through, only to discover help is not on the way.

The heroes arranged a clever distraction that, after sneaking some the mercenary-guard into position, freed the captive townsfolk from the gnolls. Once the townsfolk were safe the heroes battled their way through the guard house, freeing a Irna and her daughter’s from captivity and eventually clearing the gatehouse of gnolls and a nothic, gaining control of the North Gate.

Once through the gatehouse, the heroes met Risah Red a elven logger, or harvester as they are better known, who was hunting gnolls with his clan mates after the dog men attacked their homes and killed their clan elder. Risah Red told the heroes that no help was coming for Four Beggar Bay from the Baron, as his forces had gone down the other side of the island, towards Galter’s Cover. Galter’s Cove is being beset upon by goblins.

Upon emerging from the guard house victorious, the heroes discovered a new army had arrived in Four Beggars Bay as if out of nowhere. The army was clad in black armor, asymmetrical in cut and design. Although they look as if there were from Anderelle, there was something very strange about them, and many had cryptic tattooing. The army’s leader, the enigmatic woman in the gown that killed Porter at the villa, leads this new army, simply being referred to General Fencer, and she has sworn to Tolimus Haff that her army will help the Reeve recapture Four Beggar Bay. Her forces push the reaming to gnolls to Church Top, towards the temple of The Exhalted, were they plan to break the forces of the dog men against the cliff walls of Church Side.

Tolimus Haff seems thankful to the new army, and has agreed to hold Center and North Gate with his remaining mercenary guard and militia, consisting of a little more then a hundred townsfolk who have value in a fight. The militia will defend the upper layers of Central, forcing the gnolls to Church Side, as per the new army’s general’s instruction. Ser Ker Oseros has been appointed as the lead of the citizen militia, and is responsible for their coordination and protection. He is amicable to the assignment, as he enjoys helping the citizenry, and wants to stay close to his sister, Lady Erona Oseros

The heroes, deciding that the spirit of Bhrenna should be put to rest as the the city is seemingly being reclaimed from the gnolls, have asked Risah Red to help them track the gnoll looters they believe have Brehenna’s torc. They have returned to their villa for a rest before setting out into the Forest of Hulls. Upon doing so they discovered the following correspondence and you cannot help but hear her the author’s lilting voice as they read it:

_"Ye have been given me word, and I mean ta keep it, but I’ll be of no use to ye dead by some dog-faced bastard or soldier on the crooked march. Me’n the “Viscount” are beatin feet fer Galter’s Cove. We are planning to hop the first ship off this island. Not home yet, tis no time. We make fer Pinesnarl to finish lyin’ low. The place is backwards as the facing of me arse, but tends to not be a place people go looking fer other people. Seek us out, when and where ye catch up, surein I’ll uphold me end of the bargain."


Total Experience: 1400 (350 each)
Treasure ( I lost track of who claimed what so this is a comprehensive list of everything you found. I know Talon is with Monish, but it is also on this list for completeness.):
Scroll of Charm Person
Scroll of Fireball
Potion of healing
Potion of Invisibility

Set of finely crafted traveling clothes with hidden pockets sewn in.
Talon, blade of Aldith Tresendar known as the Black Hawk. Longsword +1. Hilt is worked in the shape of a raptor with out spread wings.
Ash staff ending in a primitive snarling wolf’s head. Adorned with hanging fetishes of metal and tortoise shell discs. Runes are carved into the top third, and the grip is made from a thick bumpy hide. You know it is magical, but not to what extent.
200 gp
240 sp
5 carnelians (10 gp each)
2 peridots (15 gp each)
pearl (100 gp)
Platinum signet ring worth 50gp
30 small seal pelts (2gp each)

Estate of Reeve Haff
In which the heroes encounter foe and ally of upsetting nature.

The heroes decide the best way to help the city survive the siege was to try establish the Estate of Reeve Haff, and the tower being utilized by his mercenary guard, as a staging ground for the defenders. Prior to their setting out, they discovered that a terrible ghost has become a danger to Four Beggar Bay. In life she defended Four Beggar Bay, in death she seeks to do the same, yet her necromantic powers also result in the death of innocents.

The heroes arrived at the mercenary guard tower to find that many of them still lived and were repelling the gnolls. The heroes were advised that things inside the villa estate were strange and dire, however as far as anyone knew, the Reeve was still alive, though he was held captive by his son who was searching for something.

Inside the manor, the heroes face other-worldly terrors and witnessed blood curdling acts of depravity and insanity. The monk Rinn also encountered a strange dwarven ally named Oor. Together, with the help of Endryk Fenrith they were able to stop the Reeve’s son, who was overtaken by a strange beast, from getting the talisman he sought. The beast fled as the room feel, and the heroes opted to save the Reeve and the survivors instead of giving chase to the beast. Oor ended up with talisman, a n enchanted item of legendary power known as a Talisman of the Sphere.

After his rescue, the heroes joined Reeve Haff and his mercenary guard in fighting their way through the gnolls encamped in Center Top in hopes of regaining the North Gate, which would allow reinforcements from the Baron of Vandis to enter Four Beggar Bay. Things looked grim at first, and the heroes’ advance almost looked to be halted at the tower before it could begin. In the last second Monish Knight issued forth a great challenge and rallied the fighters on the side of Reeve Haff. With Ser Ker Oseros at the head of the vanguard, the heroes pushed through the hyena-men’s assembled forces. During their press they encountered a distraction led by Widow Hebner that allowed them further press advantage in their wading through the attacking gnolls.

Finally the heroes’ arrived at the North Gate, where the gnoll chieftain has lined up thirty villagers, using the innocents as shields, between his forces and the Reeve’s forces.

Total EXP:
Deke, Bubs: 250
Otto, Jake: 100

Total non-item treasure (NPC share already accounted for):
3,500 CP
2,200 SP
170 GP
9 Gems (50 gp each)
6 Gems (25 gp each)


“Who mourns the death of whores.”

“Who mourns the death of whores.”

Elisia. It was talking about Elisia.

The creature lay dead at Monish’s feet. Laid low by Rinn’s hand. The others had stepped away from the dead thing, moving back to tend to gear and injuries. Monish could not.

The former criminal was not unaccustomed to anger or to rage. As a matter of fact the last time someone had called Elisia a whore he had lost control and killed two men. The dark corner of Monish’s mind reminded him that the action had also lead to his lady’s death. But now looking down at the twisted thing at his feet the half-elf felt something else. Oh the rage was there and the anger, they burned inside him; but now they were tempered by something cold, something calculating.

Monish dropped his shield and javelin then crouched next to the creature. He grabbed the dead aberration by the neck and turned the head until he could look into the dead creatures eye. Simple death was not good enough for this thing, the cold part of him told him that. The half-elf calmly raised his gauntleted right hand, curled his fingers and drove them into the soft tissue around its giant eye and ripped the orb from the socket.

The creature had dug into his head and taken something important from him so Monish returned the favor. Standing, the half-elf regarded the organ in his hand and then the body at his feet.

Vengeance, he thought, you take from me and mine I take from you….

A Message Sent

Monish looked out across the empty courtyard, the remnants of the fight mostly gone from the group’s hurried cleaned up. If there was a time to slip out then it was now, he thought ruefully. Not that what he was doing was sinister, just….unsavory.

A quick glance back into the manor told him that Rinn was already asleep, recovering from the beating the armor had given the monk. Not that he was much better off, the bruise forming across his chest reminded Monish of that. Deeper in the manor he could see the light the Gnome was using to inspect all the documents and maps they had found outlining the attack on the city. Monish gave himself even odds in getting away from the manor without Papi knowing about it.

Well, if I’m honest with myself he most likely already knows I’m headed out.

With Ker out to get his sister and Fenrith out to get the Widow, it was time for Monish to go see a man about a tattoo. With a small smile the half-elf pulled the deep cowl over his head and slipped out into the town.

The Mermaid’s Cove was a sturdily built tenement in the center second part of the city, Monish had noticed it on their way to the Gull’s Eye Inn. He knew his quarry would be inside on the second floor, after all “The Sheath” had put out the word that the man would be there.

“The Sheath” was a shady information broker back in Del Vhirum, one that owed Monish a few favors. A few weeks ago a message had come from the broker letting Moish know he a small job for him if he ended up in Four Beggar Bay. At the time Monish had thought the request ridiculous, but then again the broker had made some far out requests in the past that had panned out so he memorized the request. It was simple enough, find a man, give him a message, and make sure he understood returning to Del Vhirum was both necessary and none negotiable.

Monish moved quietly across the narrow street; time to pay Kreger the Tailwind; pirate, scoundrel, coward; a visit.

Monish knocked lightly on the thin wooden door, it was well built and he wanted to avoid breaking it if possible.

“What do you want?” Came a gravelly voice as the door was opened.

The wiry man’s eyes grew round with surprise as he took in Monish’s hooded form. Before sailor could force the door close the half-elf took a step into the room forcing the man back. Monish knew from experience that keeping the mark off balance was important in these kinds of jobs.

“Hello Kreger, the Sheath has a message for you.”

“Wwwhat? Who‘re yee.” Kreger asked as he backed up further into the small room.

“Kreger, Kreger. You know who I’m talking about,” Monish said as he popped his knuckles.

A resigned look crossed his salt scared face, “Whats ‘e wan.”

“Mercedes, 7 North, 3 East.”

The emotions that the simple message brought forth in the small man were remarkable, sadness, joy, loss, hope and many more.

“Bbbut ow’d he….” the old sailor stammered.

“Your also to head back to Del Vhirum, he wants to see you, in the flesh.”

“Wha? Now? No, no. Ya see the mess a’ the dock? Would be suis…”

Monish slammed his palm against the wall behind the pirate and whispered, “tonight Kreger. He knows you always have a back way out of everywhere. You’re leaving tonight.”

Kreger worked his jaw for a few seconds then his body seemed to slump, “Aye, t’nite then. Will cost me though.”

A slow smile with too many teeth stretched across Monish’s mouth. “Perhaps I can help with that.”

“Wha..” Kreger said a little fearfully.

“As you are going to see the Sheath anyway, maybe you can give him something for me and maybe I’ll pay you for your troubles.”

“Pay?” the sailor asked tentatively.

Without a word Monish turned and set a folded parchment and 5 gold crowns on the room’s small table.

“Make sure he gets it. He knows it’s coming,” Monish figured a little lie for safety couldn’t hurt.

The half-elf turned and stepped out of the room, without turning he said, “tonight Kreger, if you don’t leave tonight you may never leave.”


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