Vandis Isle

Captors Repaid

Wherein the Heroes return to the Sacred Stone Monastery to retrieve their gear and exact their vengeance.

Monish Knight and Rinn declared their intent to return to the Sacred Stone Monastery and defeat Abbess Hellenrae. With many of their allies afar in Mulmaster, the heroes where a little short handed. They requested help, and the Emerald Enclave sent Risah Red.

Returning to the monastery, the heroes discovered that some of the Abbess’s minions had been replaced however, for the most part, the cult had not been able to recover from the initial blow struck by the heroes. With the help of their new-old, friend, the heroes destroyed the cruel duergar and orogs that served as their tormentors while they were held captive by the cult.

Having purged the monastery, and releasing the new captives the Black Earth Cult had taken, the heroes stood against abbess in the rock garden, fighting against the blind cultist and her evil elemental minions. At the conclusion of the battle the heroes stood victorious. They left the monastery, said to be inhabited by a lich who wanted nothing to do with current events, and returned to Red Larch.

All characters advance to level 6. (1/1/2017)

Treasure: You get your crap back! In addition you get 22 pp, 70 gp, 51 ep, 235 sp each. You also find twelve turquoise stones (10 gp each), 2 different second level paladin spell scrolls (Monish’s choice), one third level paladin spell scroll (Monish’s choice)



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