Once a notorious burglar in Vandis, known as Mattahar in Faerun.


Matthar, as she is known, awoke as the heroes did two years ago, only with no memory what so ever. She barely survived in the filthy alleys of the Zhentarim slums around the Bargewright Inn. Within a few days she had contacted filth fever, and lay dying when she was found by a matronly dwarven whore madam who thought there was something a traveler might pay for underneath the grime. The dwarven madam, knowns as Lady Velga, nursed Mattahar back to health, however Mattahar never fully regained her strength. The disease had left Mattahar weak and frail, and Lady Velga knew sickly looking girls were bad for business. Lady Velga was content to let Mattahar clean up her establishment and launder the soiled bedding.

Mattahar proved herself beyond useful, as she discovered Lathander, and proved to be gifted in channeling his spiritual energies. Mattahar served as a healer and midwife to Lady Velga’s workers. A few months ago it came to light that Lady Velga had more heart than business sense. Lady Velga got in some pretty deep debt with the Zhentarim, and they were going to take over her place. Mattahar took the oppurtnity to repay her savior, selling herself into indentured servitude to the Zhents for a term of three years, for the cost of Lady Velga’s debt.

Mattahar, now serves as a legal slave for the black network. Most of the opreatives see her as strange as she is prone to hide away scraps of food and trinkets, as well as always sleep with her back to a wall, her belongings clutched in her arms. Mattahar believes strongly in a sense of community, as she found one even among the brothel that was kind and took pity on her. She owes everything to Lady Velga, and strives to make sure Velga and her “entertainers” are taken care of. Life on the streets and among the Zhents has hardened Mattahar, and although she tries to adhere to the laws (as they are) and look for the good in people; when it comes to someone threatening her or the ones she protects, she would rather kill them in their sleep than give them a fair fight.


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