Risah Red

Woodcutter, clansman, tracker


Risah is fair hand with the rapier and he knows it. His demeanor in combat becomes a little brash, goading his opponents and intentionally making his skill “look easy”.

“You ’member that lot of orcs that landed after the late thaw?”
“Aye, tis shame what they did do Nerki clan.”
“Truth, Exalted usher em home, anyway, so it were Risah Red who the clans decided to track them orcs. So the next day we come down out the tree line and there is Risah leaned up agin his cart, with a load worth a silver or two, and the lead beast hiself tied to one of them big wheels.
Well we was with Berty-”
“Berty Ferk?
“Naw, I wish, this were Berty Kurc. And you know how she is, not to be outdone. She was might frosted that it were Risah and not her what caught the orc. So she pulls an apple from her pack, big as me head and looking all purty in the high sun. Those Kurcs got all that money so they get those typa things, anyway she walks over and puts it right on the orc’s head. Then she turns to Risah, and looking down her nose, to say, “Red, bet you your wagon full you can’t hit that apple?”
“And Risah says, “Well now miss Berty, you have seen me shoot. You so quick to lose your money?”
“We all just laughed and Berty gets to scowling and says, “I bet you can’t hit it blind folded.”
“That is what the orc thought for sure. He couldn’t speak a lick of proper talk, but as Risah was tying on a blind fold and pulling a bow, the beast put it all together. He started jerking all about and Risah barks off in the monster tongue something or other that gets him to hold still. Then sure as you are here he has two arrows pulled and shot sooner then you can breath. We look, half shocked, to see two arrows sticking out of the orcs throat, both all snuggled up like youngins at a fall dance. And Berty she just smirks and walks over, cutting the dead orc of Risah’s wagon and smiling the whole time.”
“Well she says, Better luck next time Red,” and begins pulling of his haul."
“What did Risah do?”
“Just watched her go smiling And when she was gone he walked over to the dead orc and found that apple. He brushed it off on his tunic and took the biggest bite you ever saw,”
“So I says, “You missed on purpose Young Red didn’t ya?”
“What did he say?”
“He just winked at me and started to walk off saying over his shoulder, “There is plenty of wood out there. But apples won’t be in season for a few months yet.”
-Overheard around a gathering of Clan Pyrtyri in the Forest of Hulls

Risah Red

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