Monish Knight

Inexperienced Paladin with a Criminal Past



Paladin Lvl 5| Vow of Vengeance | Neutral Good

STR 16 (3)
DEX 10 (0)
CON 12 (1)
INT 10 (0)
WIS 12 (1)
CHA 16 (3)

Hit Points: 44 | Armor Class: 20

Pro: +3

Skills: +0 Acrobatics (Dex), +1 Animal Handling (Wis), +0 Arcana (Int), +5 Athletics (Str), +5 Deception (Cha), +0 History (Int), +1 Insight (Wis), +3 Intimidation (Cha), +2 Investigation (Int), +1 Medicine (Wis), +0 Nature (Int), +3 Perception (Wis), +3 Performance (Cha), +3 Persuasion (Cha), +2 Religion (Int), +0 Sleight of Hand (Dex), +2 Stealth (Dex), +1 Survival (Wis)

Speed: 30ft

Race: Half Elf | Height: 5’ 11" | Weight: 200 lbs | Age: 40

Darkvision: See 60 feet in dim light as if bright light. See in total darkness as if in dim light.

Fey Ancestry: Advantage in saves vs Charm, Immunity Sleep

Tool Proficiency: Proficiency with Thief Tools and Cards.

War Caster (Pg. 170)
- Advantage of Con saving throws for hold concentration for spells when damaged.
- Can cast with items in both hands.
- May use a spell when a hostile creature provokes rather then making an attack.

Paladin Abilities:
Patron: St. Vestra – Mistress of Justice & Vengeance

Divine Sense: Know the location of any Celestial, Fiend, or Undead within 60 ft or if a place has been Consecrated or Desecrated. 4 / Long Rest.

Lay on Hand: 25 HP / Long Rest. Use 5 HP to cure a disease or neutralize one poison

Fighting Style: Dueling (Add +2 to Wep Dmg)

Divine Smite: 2d8 + 1d8 per spell level +1d8 for undead or fiends

Channel Divinity: 1 / Short Rest
Abjure Enemy – 1 action – One creature withing 60 ft Wis save or Frightened. Fiend & Undead disadvantage
Vow of Enmity – Bonus action gain advantage on act rolls against one creature within 10 ft for 1 min.

Save DC: 14 | Spell Attack Modifier: +6

Cure Wounds:
Evocation 1| Action 1 | Touch
A dark red glow of mana covers the wound. The recipient feels the need to gain vengeance against the thing that wounded it. Heals 1d8+ Ability Modifier.

Compelled Duel:
Enchantment 1 | Bonus Action 1 | 30 feet | WIS
Monish force his opponent to face him in combat. On failed save, target gets disadvantage on any target other then Monish and must make a WIS save to move more then 30ft away from Monish.

Shield of Faith:
Conjuration 1 | Bonus Action 1 | 60 feet | 10 min
A ghostly dark red Shield of mana hovers near the target granting +2 Armor

Enchantment 1 | Action 1 | Touch | 1 Min
Monish imbues the target with the need for vengeance against their foes. Target is immune to being frightened and gains 3 temp hit points every turn.

Enchantment 1 | Action 1 | 30 ft | 1 Min
Monish curses his foes as he seeks to take Vengeance against them. Three enemies make Chr saving throws, if failed subtract 1d4 from all attacks and saving throws.

Hunter’s Mark:
Divination 1 | Bonus Action | 90 ft | 1 Hour
Monish marks his target so it can not escape. Add 1d6 dmg to all attack against the target, Monish has advantage on all Wis (Perception, Survival) checks to track the target.

Melee + 8 | 1d8+6 slashing | Versatile (1d10)

Great Sword:
Melee + 6 | 2d6+4 slashing | Two-Handed, Heavy

Javelin (5):
Melee + 6 | 1d6+5 Piercing | Thrown (60ft / 100ft)

Melee + 6 | 1d6+5 Bludgeoning | Light

Melee + 6 | 1d4+5 Piercing | Finesse, Light, Thrown (20ft / 60ft)

Plate Mail, Shield, Holy Symbol, Backpack, Bedroll, Mess Kit, Tinderbox, 10 Torches, 10 Rations, Waterskin, 50 ft Rope, Grapeling Hook, Crowbar, Thieves’ Tools, Three-Dragon Ante set


28 Feb 2016 – Of Monish, he had no idea what his life was before, but this new one found him well suited to violence. He awoke with a torc on his person, although he had no idea if it was an heirloom or stolen. This land had gold a plenty for anyone handy with a sword, and it didn’t take long for Monish and his blade Talon, to earn a reputation. Eventually Monish fell in with some Luskan pirate hunters, who were little better than pirates themselves. Among the pirate hunters, Monish found a friend in Captain Harlin, a vivacious and sturdy woman who claimed to have heritage among the Uthgardt. Although unrefined, Captain Harlin had a strong sense of justice, only taking from those that had raided innocents, and often returning most of her spoils back to the villages the pirates had raided. She stood out from those she seemed to answer to, an organization known as the Zhentarim, or Black Network. No matter the difference in ideology, Captain Harlin and the Zhentarim agreed that the pirates were bad for business, and they worked together closely until the ill-fated day where Captain Harlin’s Breath of the North ran aground of a powerful sorcerer who conjured a storm, ultimately destroying the Breath of the North and killing dozens of sailors – Captain Harlin included. Monish was rescued by a Zhent ship. He was told, in exchange for a favor, that the sorcerer was known as Gar Shatterkeel. Monish has sworn his revenge, but must repay the favor to the Zhentarim before pursuing it. The Zhentarim has asked him to travel to Red Larch and discover what he can about a missing delegation. The Black Network doesn’t seem particularly concerned about the delegation for its own sake, but want to leverage rescuing the delegation with the leaders of the north, specifically Mirabar. Whether or not their intent is sincere, they think it is important to rove good faith with the Black Network by lending a helping hand.

Monish grew up as a homeless orphan in the coastal city of Del Vhirum. His earliest memories are of a retched orphanage in the poorest district in the city, House of the Lost. Of the many children in the orphanage he was always treated as a loner due to short temper and bad attitude.
Eventually he made friends with a fast talking, trouble maker at the House, Killian. Killian had dreams of getting away from the orphanage and joining one of the gangs in Del Vhirum, specifically The Ironbrand, lead the legendary: Kurnor Half-Dwarf.
After escaping from the House of the Lost Killian talked their way into the Ironbrand Gang. The two friends grew up doing small “crimes” for the gang, these small crimes were called Links. Every time they successfully completed a Link the received a ceremonial chain link to create their own chain.

  • Looking to “Make their Locks” – “Become a full member” in the Organisation
  • Once you earn enough “Links” you can go for you “Lock”
  • Lock Test is to kill someone at the gangs direction
  • Both Killian and Monish get their Locks
  • Monish never did this, he beat the man close to death but could not finish. Instead he paid for some other contacts to sneak the man out of the city.
  • Killian does kill his target
  • After earning their Locks most member where them with their chains as a necklace, giving members a unique scar on the back of their necks
  • Over the next 10 years they both rise up to mid-level leadership positions in The Ironbrand
  • Monish meets and falls for a call girl/ hooker (Elisia) that belongs to another Gang – The Fire Hands
  • All member get a tattoo somewhere of a Hand surrounded by red fire
  • Guild Master – Lesher “The Cherry” (A very sleaze Dark Elf)
  • Monish, with Killian as back up, goes to Lesher to try and get the girl’s freedom so they can be together
  • Lesher has the girl at the meeting and thinks that the Ironbrands are trying to move in on his territory (Hookers and Drugs)
  • Lesher taunts Monish and tells him “My men will runt your little whore to death and then they’ll have another turn before I give an inch of penetration to the Ironbrands.”
  • Monish loses his shit and kills a few guards before Killian gets him out
  • Lesher gets away with the Elisia
  • Lesher sends Elisia’s head to the Ironbrands with a message that the war is on
  • A few Ironbrands die that night in attacks
  • Monish and Killian are called before Kurnor to explain what’s happening
  • One of the men recognizes Elisia’s head and her relation to Monish
  • Monish, after seeing Elisia’s head, ignores all in grief. So Killian discribes what happened
  • Kurnor, enraged by the story, orders the two severely beaten imprisoned.
  • That night in the cell Monish swears Vengeance on Lesher, Kurnor, and everyone in the gangs and the City for what happened. He swears that he would give his life for just the chance of Vengeance on Lesher.
  • St. Vestra – Mistress of Justice (and Vengeance) Appears to Monish and takes him up on his oath.
  • She tells him to leave the cell, his old life and his friend behind.
  • She tells him to go to see the old man.
  • After Monish got out of the cell and out from the gang’s base his feet seemed to know their own way as he wandered through the city in twilight.
  • No one tried to stop and all the doors were open
  • He ends up in an alleyway next to a ruined/ caved in abandoned Townhouse, in front of a sturdy door. Just as he stops the door opens and an old man beckons him in.
  • The old man tells him he has been selected to be the Lady’s embodiment of Vengeance
  • He explains that most worship her Justice aspect but she needs balance and has a few followers that are chosen to embody her Vengeance aspect
  • Monish falls asleep and the old man mends his wounds
  • The next afternoon when Monish comes to The old man points at a pile of equipment and and hands him an invite to Lord Fergil Verst get together and wishes him well

Monish Knight

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