Min, Cayleen, and Niska

Former employees of the Prudent Lily and a little girl.


Min served the Prudent Lily well for many years. As a reward she was allowed to replace the scullery maid when her looks no longer enticed customer’s of the Prude. She helped Rinn and Panapapi Ticcotarp Copperspackle when they were investigating Oreioth’s kidnappings in Yartar, as Cayleen and her daughter Niska were among those kidnapped.

Cayleen is currently working at the Prudent Lily, and had been allowed to house her daughter, Niska in her room when she wasn’t earning in it. While Cayleen is working, Niska serves in the kitchen with Min, and the retired whore has developed a fondness for the girl. Min and Cayleen where scraping together all of their coppers, in hopes of removing Niska from having to grow up at the The Prudent Lily, and eventually get a shabby flat for all of them to inhabit.

Papapani and Rinn gave Min gold in order for her to secure a place for her, Cayleen, and Niska to live. After rescuing Cayleen and Niska from the warehouse, the mother and daughter were able to move into the accommodations Papapani had arranged through Min.


Min, Cayleen, and Niska

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