Yartarn assassin hired by the hand, who didn't get to do his job.


The Hands of Yartar, angered by the audacity of Oreioth for abducting members of their guild, hired Holloweyes to find Oreioth and kill him. Mattahar wanted Oreioth arrested, as if the Hands of Yartar had enacted their justice, she felt the innocents would continue to suffer as criminal organizations just kept battling. Mattahar enlisted the help of Panapapi Ticcotarp Copperspackle and Rinn to help her arrange for Oreioth, though at the time she did not know it was the necromancer, arrested by the idealistic and ambitious Yartarian Watch Captain Rizz.

Mattahar was supposed to lead Holloweyes on a chase through Yartar for as long as fifteen minutes, however the assassin proved far too skilled, and after just six minutes, and nearly costing her her life, Mattahar had to return to the set up location. Fortunately Rinn and Papapani had already secured the warehouse.

Holloweyes walks in the measured pace of a predator stalking his prey. His eyes, seem to shine from beneath his heavy cowl, green-gray like old glacial ice, only less warm.



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