Erned Stoutblade

A knight on an errant quest to being met jusitce on the Iceshield orc tribe.


A young Tethyrian member of the The Orde of the Guantlet, Sir Stoutblade came from Yartar with the intention of defending the weak. He has been trying to bring retribution to the Iceshield orcs for their depredations, and arrived at the Dellmon Ranch with news that a large orc warband was descending upon the ranch, just before the heroes arrived.

Sir Stoutblade fought along side the heroes in defense of the Dellmon Ranch, and his bravado and cavalier attitude inspired the townsfolk who fought with him. For all his flash and embodiment of the romantic knight, Sir Stoutblade proves a more than fair hand with his broadsword, and his skill impressed the likes of Nitasys and Monish Knight during the siege.

It was also during the siege that Sir Stoutblade came to respect Monish as a tactician and warrior.

After the siege Stoutblade rode off, ever vigilant in his quest to end the terror brought upon the common people by the brutish Iceshield Orcs.


Erned Stoutblade

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