Vandis Isle

Swamp of Oblivion

Wherein the heroes traverse a dangerous swamp to flee captivity.

After a particularly grueling day of forced servitude, the heroes rest was interrupted when the strange dwarf Oor emerged from a portal within their cell. He encouraged the heroes to flee through he portal. The heroes made sure to take the rest of the captives into the portal with them getting free of the Sacred Stone Monastery’s cells. The enigmatic ally also instructed the heroes that “she” held the key to their returning home.

The heroes led an exodus through a vast and inhospitable swamp filled with copses of weeds, still black-green lakes and ponds, twisted rooted trees that seemed to grasp at them, Hordes of savage mosquitos savaged the former captives, and food was scarce. They did not known they were in the Swamp of Oblivion, a place formed where the elemental planes of water and earth bordered one another.

Eventually the heroes led the the captives to an old, dried up aqueduct. Built long ago, now over-grown with thorny vines, and draped in wispy moss, the structure stood above the swamp on stone pillars that once depicted some humanoid form, now worn smooth with weathering and age. Between grime encrusted stone and slime-covered walls, the heroes led the people across the swamp, using the abandoned channel like a road.

While traversing the aqueduct the heroes over came many challenges, including the loss of two children when the kids were tragically swallowed whole by a sudden attack from monstrous frogs. Finally the aqueduct ended on an island with a broken tower. There the heroes interrupted two Yaun-ti purebloods who had captured a Nighthag and were forcing her to perform a ritual that opened a portal to Faerun. The Nighthag, knowns as The Asp, being the same one that had spared the lives of the heroes so long ago when they traveled the Feywild, was grateful. She kept the portal open for the heroes and their rescued townsfolk to travel through, as well as gave them a back pack with some treasures from her personal collection, as a show of her gratitude.

The heroes stepped through the portal and found themselves in dark, stony room. A doorway was ahead of the weary band, framed by slits of golden sunlight.

425 exp each.
Renown: +1 for all characters People of Dessarin Valley.
Items: Scimitar x2, Shortbow x2, Repurposed axe-blade to shield (Monish), The Asp’s Reward (Back pack containing the following: 800 cp, 6,000 sp, 2,500 gp, 190 pp, scroll of cure wounds, scroll of bless, potion of healing.



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