Vandis Isle

Into Sacred Stone

Wherein the heroes begin to clear the menace that has taken up residence in the Sacred Stone monastery.

As told by Skault Thunder-hand, Skald of the Storm Gorgon tribe:

“Lo, the heroes did take to the river to make their way to deliver ruin upon the madmen, and worshipers of false totems, that dwelt in the haunted keep known as Sacred Stone Monastery. They were accompanied by a northman so comely of visage that the river mermaids and nerids sped the heroes journey, blessing them smooth water and fey-kissed currents, hoping to gain the favor the a fair and virile wanderer.

After a day and half of safe passage along the river, as who would dare to stand against a band so mighty, the heroes arrived at Rivergard Keep. They found naught but corpses among the keep. Battles had been fought between members of The Order of the Guantlet and the worshippers of the black water. The same black water that whisks many a brave northmen to a gloomy doom when they fall from their long ships. Rinn buried the dead of his order, while myself, ever faithful to will of the Storm Gorgon, and the Rage Knight of the Black Network, made offerings to the mighty totem with the bodies of the fallen, ensuring victory in battles to come.

Guided by the wisdom of the ancestors, the heroes waited until darkest midnight to creep into the monastery. They first did battle in the kitchens and were victorious, then stalked through the halls bringing retribution to them that had plagued the common folk of Dessarin Valley.

At once, the heroes came upon some of the vile cultists asleep in their beads. Even in slumber they chanted vile prayers and smiled as they dreamt of killing the men of local villages, taking their women, and enslaving their children to the will of their god. Panapapi Ticcotarp Copperspackle, even though he knew their endless evil, knew there was no glory in slaying them in their sleep. But the Rage Knight, Monish Knight, had no such qualms. His blade cleared his scabbard with a metallic click, and set upon the sleeping cultists. His rage manifested in the smiting of his first victim, the force of his wrath made manifest as it pulsed through through the cultist that awoke to a sword through his chest, causing his form to jerk and thrash. After that, Monish went about his bloody business, placing the pillow of the last one killed over the face of his next victim and stabbing repeatedly, until such time as they went still in death.

“Was it murder,” ye may ask? That is not for this humble story teller to say. We all stand before our gods, our actions weighed on scales of their magnificent device, and only they can take the measure of good in our souls.

Onward, through earthen halls most foul, did our heroes stalk. The sounds of victims being tortured and twisted in praise to their black earth god rang through the halls. Guided by the Storm Gorgon’s wisdom, the heroes found a priest of the malicious rock god, attended by two of his most lethal body guards. The priest called Quarbo, issued forth vile magics. As the blood of innocents wept from the stones around him, The priest walked upon the stone walls, like a spider, and caused the pull of the earth to increase around your humble story teller and the Rage Knight. He called the sound of cleft stone to strike at the heroes tearing them into them as might the lightning should they be struck. His guards, encased in the barren and salt-sewn earth, struck with stone clubs cruelly spiked. Yet the Storm Gorgon was pleased with the bodies offered to him, them that hung from the keep walls. He granted the heroes victory against the agent of black earth.

Victorious, the heroes returned to the kitchen to eat the meat and cheese of the cultists as hear a tale of Storm Gorgon hero who was mighty, crafty, and handsome. The tales of such a hero healed the spirits and wounds of the heroes, his deeds being so great that mortal man was made better just in the hearing of them. And slightly more than an hour past the Hour of Witches, the heroes steeled themselves against the continued horrors of the black earth god and his cultists. Set to stalk the monastery halls again

620 exp each.
120 gp.
90 ep.
Cloth of gold priestly vestments (Clearly looted)- 40 gp.
2 golden bracelets worth 30 gp. each.
Two keys, one of which opened the chest that holds this loot, the other’s use has yet to determined.
Scrolls of earthbind, Maximillian’s earthen grasp, transmute rock to mud



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