Vandis Isle

Far From Home

Wherein the heroes have hand-picked agents to investigate elemental cult activity in far away Mulmaster

A powerful diviner from the Emerald Enclave had a dream where she saw the elemental cults that are terrorizing the Dessarin Valley also rampaging across the Moonsea region, starting in Mulmaster. Based on the destruction caused in Dessarin Valley, in an almost unprecedented event, the various factions have combined forces to send agents to Mulmaster and stop the cult activities before they start.

None have more expierence with the elemental cults than the heroes. Thus, the various factions have appealed to the heroes to hand select, and coordinate, their agents for this undertaking.

Panapapi Ticcotarp Copperspackle selected his protege, Savra Belabranta, to represent the interests of the Lord’s Alliance on this operation.
Rinn has enlisted the help of the Harper Nitasys for his contribution to the efforts.

The selected agents were teleported to Mulmaster, accompanied by the dwarven ex-soldier, Quetson. Upon arrival, the agents took a job as temporary staff for a ten day party being thrown by an aspiring noble family in Mulmaster.

Day 1 of the celebration saw much ceremony and pomp, however very little activity for the agents.

Day 2 saw the agents being enlisted by a Cloak in order to discover the whereabouts of his younger brother. The agents found out that a seamstress and her brothers wanted to take revenge on the Cloak, and enlisted the help of a priest of Talos. The agents thwarted the attempt by the Talosian priest, and the vengeful brothers who were in the Mulmaster watch, to sacrifice the Cloak’s younger brother, however the priest got away. Savra recognized the actions and incantations of the priest as very similar to those of the Cult of Howling Hatred, the elemental air cult that she was duped into becoming a member of. The whole incident was covered up by someone, and reported as hippogriff attack on the guardsmen atop the tower where the incident occurred.

Day 3 concluded with Agents being asked by a Blade of Mulmaster, Count Blazen Stoe. His son had ran off with a woman he deemed an unacceptable match. He tasked the Agents with returning his son to his estate by 6 Bells the next morning.

The Agents eventually tracked the son down to a strange shack, wherein a weird meeting or ritual was being held. While the Agents brawled with dwarves with flaming beards outside, the shack suddenly burst into flame. The son of Count Stoe, Sebastian, was trapped under fallen timbers. The Agents were able to free Sebastian from the inferno, return him to the estate, and consul the heart broken barmaid, Ilva, as she and Sebastian would likely never meet again.

During the interaction, the majordomo of Count Stoe assured Savra Belabranta that her service to the Lord’s Alliance would be remembered.

Day 5 of Lady Saj’s party saw the Agents assisting a man named Choomeg, whose tavern, the Oxpit, had been targeted for sometime by vandals. The Agents convinced Choomeg to let them help.

The Agents discovered an underground network of tunnels beneath the Oxpit. After meeting a gnomish druid who served the Emerald Enclave. While in tunnels the Agents fought giant badgers with obsidian teeth and claws, and rescued the gnomish druid for acidic pincers of an ankheg. They also discovered a strange missive to a now dead miner that instructed the continued harrying of the Oxpit. The taverns location was deemed instrumental for some unknown purpose, and the instances of vandalism were orchestrated attempts to get the owner to leave.

Cumulative Rewards Final:

Panapapi: 659 exp, 260 gp, +1 Lord’s Alliance Renown.
Rinn: 996 exp, 505 gp.



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