Vandis Isle

Celestial Favors

Wherein the heroes help The Order of the Guantlet

While still in Yartar, Panapapi Ticcotarp Copperspackle and Rinn were approached by what appeared to be a a young monk serving The Order of the Gauntlet. The monk entreated the heroes to help her escort a hero of the order, Jamari, to a sacred shrine where he would serve out the rest of his days as a guard.

The heroes traveled to a roadside inn in order to meet with the venerable hero, and were attacked by Oreioth’s undead minions at the inn. The abominations claimed that they had come to retrieve, “She who the master had claimed”, referring to Mattahar, who accompanied the heroes in order to try her hand at adventuring once more. The heroes destroyed the undead, though the creatures charged their skeletal horses into the common room of the inn to fight!

The monk proved to be a powerful celestial known as couatl, a creature renown for its honesty and guardianship, and revered by the Order. She teleported the heroes and Jamari to the shrine, far to the south, and gave them a one of her scales that would return them home, so long as they used the magic within two hours of their departure.

Upon arriving, the heroes were immediately beset upon by ibix-like saytrs, and were forced to flee the standing stone circle they teleported into. With the saytrs on their heels, the heroes arrived at the shrine to find the Order’s cabin destroyed, and the shrine itself the recent lair of a pair of displacer beasts.

The heroes, trapped with the shrine by the horde of saytrs outside that had followed them, destroyed the the displacer beasts. In the battle, the venerable Jamari called upon the last vestiges of his strength, wielding a blade, magnificent and holy, in a last act of sacrifice. With the battle concluded, Rinn and Mattahar helped Jamari to the shrine, where he could finally rest eternally. Papapani figured out a way to seal up the sacred shrine (Gnome with giant strength!). With his dying breath, the Jamari asked Rinn to find a champion of the faith, whose adherence to law and good were unshakeable. Rinn needs to to tell this champion of Jamari’s blade, that they may come retrieve it, and with it, continue Jamari’s work.

With Jamari laid to rest, and the shrine secured, the heroes returned to the celestial, going by the name Etta, at the roadside inn. They relayed what had happened, as well as the fate of Jamari and his relic blade. Etta, pleased with the heroes service, awarded them another of her scales as a charm for each of them.

1,833 exp each.
Renown: Rinn +3 Order of the Gauntlet, Papani +2 Order of the Gauntlet.
Etta’s Charm- This couatl scale can be snapped in half giving the possessor the benefits of a potion of vitality. The scale is consumed when the charm is used.



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