Vandis Isle

A Favor for Matty

Wherein Papapani and Rinn travled to Yartar and assisted in the arrest of kidnapping necromancer.

While Ioboplu Iigrestri, Itiwiw Ghurkiog, and Monish Knight travled to Bargewright Inn in order for Knight to meet with Nalaskur Thaelond, Panapapi Ticcotarp Copperspackle and Rinn remained in Red Larch. While there, Papapani and Rinn receiver a message from Mattahar asking for their help. Eager to see their old friend, they grabbed their giant vultures and took wing with all haste to Yartar.

In Yartar they discovered someone had taken twelve people from the riverside-dock area of Yartar, including two people connected to the Prudent Lily, the whorehouse where Mattahar was currently lying low. In addition, a guildswoman of the Hands of Yartar had been taken, and the guild had hired a deadly assassin known as Holloweyes to find who was responsible for the kidnappings, and kill them. Mattahar did not want justice to be determined by the guild, as she felt that so long as one criminal organization or another was responsible for justice, the common people remained victims. She wanted to make an example out of this recent kidnapper, having him apprehended by the proper authorities, to send a message to the nere-do-wells and citizens of Yartar alike, that there was law, and those who broke it would be punished. Her personal interest was in the return of her friend from the Prudent Lily, as well as her friend’s daughter, who were among those kidnapped. Matthar would not stand by while the low-people were victimized saying, “If not me, then who will mourn the death of whores?”

Mattahar, Rinn, and Papapani devised a plan. After locating the warehouse where the people were taken, Mattahar could lead Holloweyes on a chase around the riverside-docks while Rinn and Pappapni entered the warehouse and vanquished the threat within. After a set amount of time, Mattahar would alert Watch Captain Rizz to come to the warehouse, where he would arrest the party responsible for the abductions. In the interim, after securing the warehouse, Rinn and Papapani would get Cayleen and Niska out, so they were not involved in any part of the questioning or investigation.

The plan almost came apart, as Holloweyes proved to be far more skilled than Matthar had anticipated. She nearly lost her life, and was only able to lead him on a merry chase for half the time she had anticipated. Fortunately for all, Rinn and Papapani proved adept at the killing of Oreioth‘s, the necromancer responsible for the abduction, minions. They were able to secure the warehouse, and just as vile death-mage was returning, so too did Mattahar and Rizz. Oreioth was arrested, but not before swearing vengeance on Mattahar. The heroes were able to get Mattahar’s friends out, and Rinn and Papapani gave them money to be able to move out of the Prudent Lily. As to what became of Holloweyes, none know.

After the watch had cleared, Rinn and Papapani returned to claim the stash of the gang that Oreioth had killed and forced into undead servitude, forcing them to perform the kidnappings for him.

Experience: 610 exp each.
Renown: People of Yartar +1 for Rinn, and Papapani
1,000 cp, 1,000 sp, 2,400 gp, 150 pp
12 quartz gems worth 50 gp each (one of these gems would put up Nin, Cayleen, and Niska for about 8 years. Matthar is just saying…)
3 Potions of healing, potion of greater healing, potion of climbing, bag of holding, scroll of spare the dying (Mattahar)



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